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Elliott Arnold Pro Wheel

841 Wheels is proud to announce our second pro wheel, this time for no other than soon-to-be legend Elliott Arnold. Elliott designed his wheel with 2 goals in mind: maximum strength and minimum weight ...

Enzo 125 mm Wheel

With the release of Enzo’s second Pro wheel in 125 mm, 841 Wheels is the latest company to continue the trends towards bigger wheels and faster speeds. Despite the big size the wheel only weighs ...

5 Star Wheels

Our most popular wheels are back in stock in new colors and with polished finish. The wheels are not only super strong but also extremely light weight (7.2 oz., 220 g). The light saving is so signi ...


Elliott Arnold winter edit

Elliott is a rider who never stops stacking clips. One of the most influential riders from our SQUAD. His signature wheel has hit the market and they are sicker than ever. Get your self a pair of Elliott Arnold wheels at your local scooter shop!

  • Fully forged
  • Only 8oz. (228g)
  • Lifetime warranty against dehubbing

Elliott Arnold introducing his siganture wheel

841's Elliott Gnarnold just dropped his new pro wheel!!! "The Hags" are a bulky and thick cored 110 wheel that are meant for pure abuse from all you heshin bad boys that are looking for a wheel that can take a beating from the mean streets. Go support your boy and cope a pair!

Must Watch: Enzo's sig wheel edit

Enzo Commeau filmed for this edit for 7 months and is absolutely killing it.

The Enzo wheels come in 110 and 125 mm.

Enzo Wheels

Enzo Commeau from Nice, France is one of the most talented and successful riders in 2014. He dominated the Dissidence Street Jam in Paris, took third place in Montreux and won the street contest in Liverpool. 841 is proud to introduce his first signature wheel for him.

Elliott Arnold testing the new Skully wheels

Forged wheels for stronger endurance and impact resistance and lighter weight.

841 Wheels | Elliott Arnold : BTC

Elliott Arnold is putting the new 841 5 Star Forged Cores to the test in the streets of San Diego.

Copped & Chopped By : Max Manning
Production Credits to Sunshine Distribution & Media Revere
Additional Filming By: Bill Hedrick

Putting it to the test: 841's new forged 5-Star wheels

841 Wheels developed an extremely strong and light weight wheel by using a new manufacturing process. 841's 5-stars wheels are pressed under 5 tons of pressure out of a block of solid aluminum which makes it 2.5 times stronger than machining. Zig Short, Cory Vanlew, Elliott Arnold and Zack Martin put them to the test.

Filmed: Phillip Long, Andy Rea
Edited: Phillip Long

841 Rasta T-shirt

100 % Cotton
slim fit
5 oz

Coming this summer: Forged Wheels

841 is in the process of making forged scooter wheels. The wheels are being pressed from one single block of aluminum under 5 tons of pressure. Forging is a process that aligns the grain size and directionality of the aluminum into its most favored configuration making it up to 2.5 times stronger than machined or extruded aluminum. This allows us to make not even strong but lighter wheels than anything you've seen before. Stay tuned.

NEW: 841 Dragon Wheels

The first impression you will get from the new 841 Dragon wheel is that it is fast. Very fast. Usually with faster wheels you give up grippiness and durability. Not so with the Dragons: They got an amazing amount of grip for being such a fast wheel and even outlast most wheels in durability and strength. The Dragon wheel comes in 100 and 110 mm and is equipped with high precision ABEC 9 TITEN bearings and spacers.

841Wheels Quick Hitters w/ Pro Dom Olorenshaw

Doms an all around UK bad ass! This kid can rip just about anything you put in front of him, and make it look sick while doing it! I met Dom beginning of summer of 2012 and have since shared some pretty wild experiences! This edit is just a glimse of who Dom is and what he is capable of! Get ready for this guy cause hes comin hard in 2013!

- Max Manning

Filmed & Edited By: Max Manning

Quick Hitters w/841Wheels AM Rider Zack Martin

The First in a small mini series of short but sweet edits featuring 841's most up and coming riders. Zack Martin riding the 841Tribals is the perfect rider to launch this project. This kid can shred the park and street just as equally and is always looking for the next spot to crush. I see a very bright future for him here at sunshine - Max M.

Look out for Zack in the upcoming Alpha Omega DVD

Filmed & Edited By: Max Manning

841 on Tour in Australia

Mitch Baldry, Zig Short and Cory Vanlew went on tour in Australia. They hit up various skate parks and headed for the big comp "Jamo Jam 4".

841 Wheel Test by Scoot4Life Magazine - "a goal, that seemed almost impossible was achieved"

The Perfect wheels for freestyle scootering?

I got these wheels about 2 weeks from Marco Giehm, the European 841 manager, while he was on Tour in Czech Rep. with Zig and Cory. I hereby bring you my honest opinion on them. I will compare them to my long-time experience with Eagle Sport Wheels.

There are a couple of varieties of 841 wheels. All of them have the same properties,may only vary in size. For our testing, I got the “SC8T4L1FE” version which is a black on black wheel with white print on the inside of the core in 110mm size. All wheels come fitted with TITEN bearings and spacers. Overall, the design looks great, especially while riding, since the letters create an illusion of a white circle inside the wheel itself.
The wheels have a thinner profile than many others, which seemed a little funny in the beginning. It reminded me of those old plastic Razor Ultra Pro wheels.
DSC 0354 1024x682 841 Wheels: Perfect Wheels for freestyle scootering?

First thing you realize, when you put those wheels on is the speed. Unlike Eagle Sport wheels, on which I have been riding for many years, they don´t feel so soft. However, once you land, they absorb the impact just fine. It feels like the vibrations are absorbed in the wheels themselves and don´t really travel much to the rest of the scooter. Since I am both street and park rider, and I ride both everyday, I must say that a goal, that seemed almost impossible was achieved. They are great for regular street riding, while maintaining grip on smooth surfaces. They slide less than Eagle Sport wheels, Eagles are mainly park wheels(!).The only bad thing are the bearings. I am gonna be honest, they break incredibly fast. Definately something to work on by 841.

They hold up really well. After 2 weeks of riding both street and park, they didn´t have a single hole. After time, they lose the top, which is really sharp and thin, and become really comfortable. It’s unbelievable how well they hold their roundness (unless you do sliders like crazy)you wont get any, and if then minor flat spots.DSC 0358 1024x682 841 Wheels: Perfect Wheels for freestyle scootering?
Overall great wheels. Suitable for any level of riding. They last long and come preinstalled with Titen Abec 7 bearings. I think we found THE PERFECT WHEEL!

[Remarks by 841: the bearings probably didn't break, they just got dirty because of the grease lubrication which doesn't keep dirt out.
Titen switched the lubrication to grease on all new bearings (and Tribal wheels) which prevents dust from coming in and they now last forever]

841 Tribals

841 Tribal Wheels

As many long time riders know you can instantly tell if a wheel is fast the moment you put it on.

The first impression you will get from the 841Tribal wheel is that it is fast. Very fast. Usually with faster wheels, you give up grippiness and durability. Not so with the Tribals: They got an amazing amount of grip for being such a fast wheel and even outlast most wheels in durability and strength. The Tribal wheel comes in 100 and 110 mm and is equipped with high precision ABEC 7 TITEN bearings and spacers.

841 backpack

Light weight yet big enough to carry your scooter and all your books and binders the 841 scooter backpack is the perfect backpack for school and riding. You can store your scooter in seconds in the scooter compartment and carry it on the bus, in a store or the classroom. You can even take it on most airlines by simply taking off the handlebar and storing it in the designated pocket.
The 841 backpack features a large main compartment, front pocket, media port, mesh side pockets, padded back, articulated and pre-shaped shoulder straps and high end Nylon and rip-stop materials.

841 at ISPO

841 Wheels recently exhibited at ISPO the biggest sporting good show in the world. It was exciting to see so many buyers and shop owners getting into scootering. We'll be back again next year!

Luke Painter presents: 841 Tribal wheel

Luke Painter is taking the new 841 Tribal wheel for a spin at the Rancho Penasquitos skate park in Rancho Bernardo, CA.

Interview with Zig Short, by Scoot Mag

By Ben Grantham
Andy Stretton | Scoot Mag | The Freestyle Scooter Magazine | T: 0844 474 5300 |                          
Web: www.scoot-mag.com|facebook.com/scootmag |Atkins Building, Lower Bond Street, Hinckley, LE10 1QU |

841 Wheels

There are a lot of Extreme Sports out there, many genres of wheels but this time around we are covering the upcoming lifestlye of the "scoot." The definition of scoot is to move swiftly or to dart along a course. With 841 wheels you will do just that, as well as conquer heights and reach limits that only a chosen few have been able to accomplish. We welcome you to come live by the code, 841, which stands for "Scoot 4 L1fe" and become part of this "swift" and fast spreading lifestyle. Each number of this code has many levels of understanding so take pride in the code my fellow scootsmen. The "8" once turned on its side to become the 2 O's in "Scoot" resemble the infinity symbol there for there is no limit to where we can go. The "4" represents the sum of the combination of ideas composed into the kick scooter which are 3 (Rollerblading, Skateboarding, and BMX) plus 1 (YOU the rider) [3+1=4... duh!]. Finally the "1", meaning you only have one life to live, so go out, have fun, and shred till your heart is content. Once again, we welcome you.

Interview with Zig Short, Founder of 841 Wheels

What was once a saying among childhood friends"841" (Scoot 4 L1fe) is now one of the fastest upcoming wheel companies in the kick scooter industry. Zig Short takes a moment to explain the "Who, What, Where, When, and Why?" the existence of the code.


Coming up on Decmeber 3rd, is the Rolling Rock Scooter Jam in Switzerland! Try to attend this event if you can to see some of Switzerland's ELYTS riders such as Ben J Friant throw down. There is also word that the first ELYTS shoes will be on display at this competition! To get a first look at the Scooter Scene's first official dedicated footwear product you're going to want to be there. Don't miss it!  

Do it Big EAST COAST Tour

The Elyts team traveled to the east coast to hit up the Xtreme Wheels Competition. After the first stop at the Comp, the team embarked on a tour throught NY, NJ, and CT. Watch at the Elyts team runs through the citys home town parks an shops.
Filmed/Edited: Phillip Long

So-Cal Feat: Zig Short, Cory Vanlew, & Josh Toy

Southern California is a big hotspot for spots to have a session at. This edit showcases a handful of spots that Cory, Zig, and Josh destroy.
Filmed/Edited: Phillip Long

Elyts East Coast Tour

Meet Zig Short, Jon Reyes and Cory Vanlew on Tour:
May 12, 3 pm: Edison, NJ: Central Jersey Skate (732-650-9449)
May 12, 5:30 pm: Perth Amboy, NJ,  Spoiled Brat (732-442-4334)
May 13, 4 pm: NYC Street Session, LES Chinatown Skatepark/Manhattan Bridge
May 14, 10 am: Rochester, NY: RASP Skatepark (585-271-7277)
May 15, 9 am: Philly, PA, Black Diamond Skate Park  (215-904-7861),
May 15, 5 pm: Lakewood, NJ,The Incline Club 732-901-7900(time allowing, if Philly contest ends early):
May 16, 3pm: Flushing, NY, Alliance (347-287-5037)
May 16, 5pm: NYC, Spokesman, 34 Irving Pl (917-578-0980)
May 17, 4pm: Oceanside, NY, Oil City Richie 516-442-0703
May18, 4pm: Milford, CT, Eastern Pulse Anthony/Dwayne 203-909-6441

Out now: 841 Skully Wheels

841 Skully wheels are pressed from a solid block of aluminum. The forging process aligns the grain size and direction of the aluminum into its most perfect configuration making it up to 2.5 times stronger than machined or extruded aluminum. This also allowed us to make the wheels significantly lighter than traditional full core wheels. The wheels come with spacers and Titan ABEC 9 bearings

  • US Pro Team
  • Elliott Arnold

    San Diego, CA

  • Cory Vanlew

  • Zig Short

    San Marcos, CA /Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

  • US AM Team
  • AU PRO Team
  • AU AM Team
  • Pro
  • CH Pro Team
  • CH AM Team
  • UK Pro Team
  • UK Am Team
  • Perry Grant

  • Brad Ackerman

  • ES Pro Team
  • Rubén Rodríguez


  • ES AM Team
  • Pro
  • Enzo Commeau

  • Pro
  • Johan Walzel